Be the best boss you can be!

An effective boss has a huge impact the performance of the business and overall employee engagement. You may think you are already the bee’s knees but PNet feels there is always room for improvement so have put together some tips to help you improve your leadership skills!

Manage Behaviour and Performance

Try not to lose focus in trying to manage everyone’s attitude, rather focus on what people say and do which reflects their behaviour.  Judge their performance as this is their measurable result of their work.

Set Clear & Reasonable Expectations

Make sure there is no room for misunderstandings by making sure your employees know exactly what you want from them.  Make sure you have given precise and good directions to what it is you expect from each task or goal set.

Instead of making a tunnel seem too long to travel through for your employees try and set goals that are within their grasp but at the same time forces them to reach a little out of their comfort zone.  Small wins = bigger success.

Regular Assessments

The only way that you will know how your employees are doing is by checking on their performance regularly.  Employees that have just started acquiring new skills on the job or are back in the market after a leave of absence need to be checked on more frequently.  Those employees who have mastered their competence in the task should be rewarded and can then be checked on less frequently.

Helpful Feedback

In four easy steps you can:

  1. Describe the behaviour in a non-judgmental manner.
  2. Describe the outcome of employee’s behaviour.
  3. Allow a pause for any comments and reactions.
  4. Brainstorm how to take the next steps / room for improvements.
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Spice Things Up

Keep your employees interested in the game.  Usually employees lose interest when the work at hand has become mundane.  Engage your employees in training or areas where they can develop which leads to intrinsic satisfaction.

Know Their Worth

Break the bigger picture down for your employees by showing how the company’s success is due to the performance of what each team contributes.  Each team’s success is in turn is due to each individual’s performance and contribution, which results in achieving ‘The Big Goal’.  Everyone loves to feel part of something bigger than what they are!


Be clear with your employees that there are consequences for behaviour and performance.  Be clear in positive and negative consequences for employees but be careful in setting unrealistic consequences that you will not be able to carry out.

Positive consequences should be like a well deserving glass of wine – one that you don’t have every night or over indulge in leaving a bad taste in your mouth.  Praise encourages employees to continue with a task that may be new or challenging.  Don’t overuse praise though but look for opportunities that deserve it through their behaviour or performance.  You do not need to praise everything you see – maybe take note of it and combine it in one package of appraisal!

Negative consequences should be seen as punishments for performances or behaviour.  Unfortunately you should always be consistent with negative consequences and make sure you follow through on your punishments.  You will more likely get further with positive consequences but it is always handy to have the former handy so that your employees know you are not to be messed around but rather fair in your decisions.

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As stated above – a workplace that is considered to be fair is when the consequences and performances match up.  Make sure your decisions are in line with your consequences and goals.


Try to empower your employees by giving them maximum control over their work and let them input as much as possible for basic decisions within the company.  It is always refreshing to hear fresh ideas from new employees but at the same time value the input from employees whom have been loyal to the company.  Key is to get your employees willing and keen which contributes to their motivation towards their work.

Be Approachable

Always have your door open for discussions or queries.  Even if you have an unhappy employee resolving conflict or differences is your key to success.  You might not be their friend but that does not mean you have to sit in a tower far above everyone else!

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